Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome, Felix!

Josh's Birthday:

I am happy to say that Josh is no longer the only male member of the Weed household. Josh turned 29 on May 12th. Yes, I did say 29. My child-groom has yet to join me in the 30s. It's getting lonely.

Anyway...I got him a parakeet for his birthday. He's mentioned that he wanted one a couple of times now. This truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Parakeets live for 10-20 years. Also, let's be honest, who is going to end up helping to take care of it? Me. So, I will re-live this birthday every time I clean out his cage or give him food. His name is Felix Menendez Weed. He's a pretty bird and we all love him. Viva especially loves it when we take him out of his cage.

Viva update:

Olivia is becoming quite skilled at getting around. She can pull herself to standing and she just learned how to climb stairs on Sunday. She can move fast too. I swear, it doesn't matter where in the house she is, if she hears the fridge open, she's right there in a matter of seconds.

Anna's 3rd Birthday:

Anna has been talking about her birthday for six months now. Seriously, it started back in December with her cousin Mazie's birthday. Since then, almost every day she has said "My birthday is in May. I'm going to Chuck E. Cheese and have a cake and blow out candles." I was a little nervous that her actual birthday would be disappointing to her, but I think she really loved it. We had a Mickey Mouse theme. She said she wanted cupcakes and not a cake, so I made Mickey Mouse cupcakes.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese's and she got to ride a lot of rides and have pizza. We made sure that Chuck E. himself stayed clear of her since she is scared of him.

She got a doll house, which she was fully expecting. That was part of her birthday monologue for weeks: "And I'll get presents...a dollhouse." She also got some clothes, some books, some dollhouse furniture, an apron, a mickey mouse chair, a jewelry box, and a necklace.

She had many guests in attendance: Mimi, Poppi, Chad, Memaw, Poppa, Katie, and her friend, Janey, and her family. I was so glad to have them all there. All in all, it was a great day! I think she had a fabulous 3rd birthday!