Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese is for Lovers

You know how when you have young children and they are learning to pray, you whisper lines to them to help them say their prayers? Like, "Please bless Daddy to get home safe" and then they repeat it in their prayer. Well, apparently Anna feels like I am the one that needs assistance praying.

The the other night, we were having family prayer. I was in the middle of praying when Anna loudly whispers, "Mom! Say 'Chuck E. Cheese!'" I almost started laughing, but she was dead serious. So, I managed to work Mr. Cheese into our prayers that night.

Chuck E. has a special place in Anna's heart. She loves to go there and play. For Valentine's Day, Memaw gave Anna money and a token to go to Chuck E. Cheese. So, the afternoon of Valentine's Day, we took the girls there. Let me just say, who knew Chuck E. Cheese was the destination of choice for the day of love? It was packed! We would have had to wait in line for over a half an hour just to get in if we hadn't have had connections. (Let's just say it pays to have a sister who dates a guy who's brother works there!) We were escorted to the front of the line like little celebrities.

Anna had a great time at the Cheese. Josh, Memaw, and I picked up the stomach flu which we have been referring to as "Chuck E. Cheese disease." I will be honest. The past week has been miserable for us at the Weed house. Colds and the stomach flu have all come to visit. Yuck!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Viva is getting teeth!

Viva is officially teething. She woke up this morning with a runny nose and I could feel a bottom front tooth poking through. Why do kids get runny noses when they are teething, anyway? You can see her little red nose in this picture and how miserable she is feeling. Her little face is all red.

There are a couple of points of interest in this picture. 1. Notice what Anna is holding in her hand. Yes, that is a "booger sucker." Anna has been referring to it as "her ice cream cone" and has been carrying it around for several days now. 2. I am amused by Viva's face. It looks like she's trying to decide if the enthusiastic affection (read "scary love") that Anna is showing to her ice cream cone will soon be transferred to herself. Little Viva has been the recipient of a lot of enthusiastic affection from Anna. Today Anna climbed on Viva for a piggy back ride! Viva's a patient little one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diving In

My problem with journals and blogs is that I always feel like I have to "catch up" on everything I missed after having not written in them for a while. This discourages me from writing and then I become even more behind. A vicious cycle. So, I'm jumping in without catching up.

Disclaimer: I have read a few blogs here and there, many of which were cleverly written. I do not promise my blog will be the same. I apologize for lameness in advance. Basically I want a little "family journal." I was inspired by Ashley Schultz's blog book. It was so cute! I realized in order to have a blog book, I would actually have to write in my blog. Crazy me.

Disclaimer 2: Josh is the English person, not me. I take no responsibility for any grammar mistakes.

Here is my exciting news for the day: Viva (That's what we call Olivia because that is what Anna calls her and we like it) rode in a shopping cart for the first time yesterday! This is very liberating for me. Well, at least when we're at Costco. Don't you just love the double cart? I wish all the grocery stores had them.

Other news: Josh and I started P90X yesterday. Let me just say that my arms are killing me. I could barely carry the girls around today. Also, the 16 minute ab video is pretty hard. Yeah, 16 minutes, that's a long time for just abs. Wish us luck!