Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese is for Lovers

You know how when you have young children and they are learning to pray, you whisper lines to them to help them say their prayers? Like, "Please bless Daddy to get home safe" and then they repeat it in their prayer. Well, apparently Anna feels like I am the one that needs assistance praying.

The the other night, we were having family prayer. I was in the middle of praying when Anna loudly whispers, "Mom! Say 'Chuck E. Cheese!'" I almost started laughing, but she was dead serious. So, I managed to work Mr. Cheese into our prayers that night.

Chuck E. has a special place in Anna's heart. She loves to go there and play. For Valentine's Day, Memaw gave Anna money and a token to go to Chuck E. Cheese. So, the afternoon of Valentine's Day, we took the girls there. Let me just say, who knew Chuck E. Cheese was the destination of choice for the day of love? It was packed! We would have had to wait in line for over a half an hour just to get in if we hadn't have had connections. (Let's just say it pays to have a sister who dates a guy who's brother works there!) We were escorted to the front of the line like little celebrities.

Anna had a great time at the Cheese. Josh, Memaw, and I picked up the stomach flu which we have been referring to as "Chuck E. Cheese disease." I will be honest. The past week has been miserable for us at the Weed house. Colds and the stomach flu have all come to visit. Yuck!


Grace said...

stomach flu has to be one of the worst bugs to get. I hope you are beginning to feel better. Your girls are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Chuck E. Cheese Disease is my new favorite phrase. But boo to getting the stomach flu.

We miss you guys! Glad to see you're blogging! :)