Thursday, April 16, 2009

Viva's first Easter

I took Anna and Viva to the mall a couple of weeks ago while the Easter Bunny was there. Of course Anna wouldn't go sit on his lap or anything, but she did accept a pair of bunny ears from him. And now that he has stopped by our house and given her candy, she is a fan.

We dyed eggs and we also turned some of them into little animals using a kit that Mickelle and Scott gave us. This picture displays two bunnies, a chicken, an alligator, an elephant, and a pig. To be honest, I had way more fun putting together the animals than Anna did. And she liked doing it a lot, so that is saying something. (Mickelle and Scott, if you guys are reading this and wondering 'What kit?'...Do you remember when you gave us that stack of books from Scholastic before Anna was born? Well, that kit was in one of the books. I remember looking at that kit and thinking it would be years before she would even be able to use it. I can't believe the time is already here! She still loves many of those books, by the way. Her favorite is "Goldilocks has Chicken Pox." Thanks for the great present!)

La France also enjoyed her Easter basket full of Mum-Mums. I am so glad that Jocelyn mentioned them to me because Viva absolutely loves them!

And last of all, here are our Easter sugar cookies. I tried to get Anna to decorate them, but she was too interested in eating the decorations. I would put an eye on one of the ducks, turn around to help Viva, and the eye would be gone. I'm surprised any of them got decorated at all!

All in all, it was a great Easter!


Mickelle said...

Aw, looks like so much fun! And, yes, I was totally wondering. ...It sure is amazing how time flies! I should also mention that Betsy LOVES the Bible book you gave us for Christmas. We read it every few days before naptime and she has lately started saying Jesus, in her own Betsy way... it's pretty cute.

However, EVERYBODY in the book is now Jesus.

Kimmel Tippets said...

SO fun! I feel like I didn't do anything cute like that...make Easter cookies and things. But that's mainly because I'm trying really hard not to gain too much weight and it's hard enough with Easter being my FAVORITE candy holiday! Anna and Viva both looked adorable!

kayla said...

Aww, Thomas used to eat Mummums, and loved them (and I won't lie, I thought they were pretty delicious myself)! I totally forgot about them until I saw a misplaced package of them in the lamest grocery store EVER when we were in Hawaii. Since Thomas is back to a more restricted diet...maybe I should invest in some more Mummums :)

Anonymous said...

So fun! You're the best mama ever! Can I make egg animals with you some time? :)

Stephanie said...

Hey Laurel! I just found your blog! I LOVE those Mum-Mum's. They're the best! You have the cutest kids!