Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What? She can crawl?!

Anna never crawled. She didn't roll or even move around at all, until she started walking. And she didn't walk until she was fifteen months old. To clarify, yes, that means that Anna just sat there, completely stationary, until she was fifteen months old. To this day I'm not quite sure how she made the transition from baby lump to full mobility.

Knowing this history of my first born, you can imagine how strange it is for me that Viva crawled for the first time today... at eight months old. I realize this is a very standard age to start crawling, and she's been mobile for several months now, rolling around. But it's weird for me to have a crawling baby. It's actually very nice. She also got her top two teeth this weekend. She's growing up so fast! They're both so dang sweet. I love them!

We went down to Portland this past weekend for general conference. We had a great time with Josh's family. We were heart broken, however, to discover that Costa Vida closed down. I came close to shedding tears.


Mickelle said...

Oh, I'd be heartbroken, too! But least you sorrow too much, I checked up on their points, and the TORTILLA was 10 pts. Wow.

(Or maybe it was Cafe Rio. Can't remember which website gave me the info.)

I can't believe little Viva's a crawler! You've got to post a video of it!

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's so adorable! Please post a video of this! :)

Ashley said...

Yay for Viva! Sad about Costa Vida. So very sad.

Kimmel Tippets said...

She's crawling!?! That is so exciting! It will be weird for me too if AFtynn ends up being a crawler, but what a fun time too! She really is growing up fast, what a sweetie!!

Cahoon Family said...

My sister was so upset about Costa Vida shutting down too! I'm sad I never got the chance to experience it.
Your girls are so cute! I love that Anna likes to read all the license plate frames.